If you’re not using a Bailey Hand Truck, you’re working too hard!

Our patented pivoting & locking axle allows you to carry bigger loads with less effort. A load of 300kg feels equal to a load of just 120kg. It also reduces the chances of workplace injuries by reducing back strain.

You’ll notice increases in productivity as they allow you to open doors easily while transporting a full load and are ideal for use within confined spaces such as lifts and hallways. The pivoting axle also allows you to conquer stairs and gutters without the risk of losing your load.

Hand Truck Range

Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in the quality of our products that all of our hand trucks and selected accessories are covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty!

Exclusive Pivoting Axle

Bailey Hand Trucks are the ONLY range of hand trucks on the market to feature a pivoting axle that locks, meaning you can easily conquer stairs without the risk of losing your load.

Australian Designed

Bailey Hand Trucks are designed and tested in Australia, so you can be confident in knowing it has been developed to withstand the harsh Australian climate.


Slipper Pallets

Slipper pallets are designed to increase the base load area, which helps with load stability when moving larger, bulkier items. They come in two sizes 450mm x 450mm & 550mm x 550mm. These handy accessories save time by letting you leave your load to be unpacked while you continue using the hand truck elsewhere. Simply lower your load and slide the base plate away from the slipper pallet.

The slipper pallets' universal design allows easy fitment with most hand trucks where base plates do not exceed 550mm.

PU filled tyres

All of our hand trucks now feature our updated range of PU filled puncture-proof tyres that will not leave marks on your nice clean floors.

The hard-wearing polyurethane foam blend creates a solid yet lightweight interior that is superior to traditional valved tyres in every way. If you have an original Bailey Hand Truck, they are 100% compatible with the newly developed wheels and tyres.

Winch Strap & Drum Handle

Two unique accessories that are sure to make your move easier. The Ratchet Winch/Strap helps to secure your load when moving bulky items such as whitegoods or furniture, and is a must-have when moving loads over uneven surfaces or up and down stairs. The Drum lifter handle provides the extra leverage required when moving drums up to 205L into position on a hand truck without the help of a second person.

The relationship between the pivoting axle with locking bar and the curved base is what makes Bailey Hand Trucks the trusted choice of businesses Australia wide.

The pivoting axle allows the user to shift the load’s centre of gravity while the curved base allows for a smooth motion when tilting the load. These two components working together reduce the effective load weight by distributing it over the axle in both the free standing and in-transit positions, therefore our hand trucks are better balanced and much easier to move.

The patented axle also enables the operator to stand upright with a straight back with no pressure bearing on the spine. This increases productivity and reduces the likelihood of injury.

The pivoting axle with locking bar works in conjunction with the curved base to allow for even weight distribution while free-standing and in-transit positions.

Our unique design makes a 300kg load feel like a 120kg load.