• Why should I buy a Bailey Hand Truck?

    There are many reasons why you should insist on Bailey Hand Trucks. They are built tough to use every day. Apart from reducing the physical effort required to move loads they reduce the risk of injury.

  • What makes these hand trucks different to the others currently on the market?

    They are the only hand trucks on the market to feature a pivoting axle that locks, giving it the unique ability to tilt in a stationary position allowing you to open doors or enter a lift with ease. It also means 60% less effort is required to move a full load.

  • Who uses Bailey Hand Trucks?

    Anyone that needs to move heavy bulky goods in confined spaces, especially where a fork lift or pallet jack are too big or floor surfaces are not suitable. Our hand trucks are being used by Pubs & Clubs, B.W.S. Liquor, KFC, Bristol Paints, Reese Plumbing just to name a few, so if you are a truck driver, courier, removalist, hotelier or work in a government department, pool shop, supermarket, wholesaler, motel, tile shop, hospital, winery, nursery or a myriad of other related businesses, a Bailey Hand Truck is a must.

  • Where are Bailey Hand Trucks made?

    BHT trolleys are now made in China. BHT’s had originally been designed by Australian Troy Bailey and made in Brisbane. Unfortunately the facility that produced the trolleys was moved ‘off shore’ Troy was unable to find a similar Australian facility that had capacity to produce the BHT.

  • How can the hand truck stand unaided in tilted position?

    The load rests on the frame of the trolley rather than resting on the wheels like all other 2 wheel hand trolleys. This ‘new’ pivot point then makes control of heavy bulky loads safer and easier.

  • What is the advantage of remaining balanced in the tilted position?

    The user basically only needs to push or pull the trolley and does not need to put a lot of effort or bend their back to balance the load at the same time.

  • What makes tilting the hand truck so much easier?

    The patented pivoting axle lets the load pivot at a point where the load sits on the ground (instead of on wheels like other hand trucks), and the axle is easily locked into place when the load is balanced.

  • How come they are rated to carry up to 300kg?

    These 2 wheel trolleys are the only trolleys that safely and easily tilt and carry such loads. It is 60% less effort to tilt. 300kg requires same effort to tilt as normal trolley with a 120kg load.

  • What is so special about the tyres?

    BHT trolleys have been in continuous use for over 8 years in many commercial applications. The only issue we have had has been the problems experienced with pneumatic tyres. Many trolley users experience the inconvenience of flat tyres. These tyres don’t go flat because they are PU filled. Additionally they have capacity to carry a 300kg load without problem.

  • Are the tyres non-marking?

    Yes these tyres have been tested and are yet to have marked a floor.

  • What is a drum lifter?

    This simply makes tilting; moving and loading large full drums on a BHT so much easier – It becomes a one person job –with added advantage of reduced risk of injury.

  • How do slipper pallets work?

    Loads can be placed on top of pallet. The trolley blade slides under the load and inside of the pallet.

  • Why slipper pallets?

    Ideal for moving displays of heavy items from inside to outside of a business. They can be used to increase the load platform and volume of product moved on a BHT trolley

  • How can I purchase a Bailey Hand Truck?

    To purchase a Bailey Hand Truck, you can either use the “Buy Now” pages on this website, or email either sales@baileyhandtrucks.com or sales@haigh.com.au

    Enquiries can be sent via the contact form on this website. Alternatively, email troy@baileyhandtrucks.com or neville@haigh.com.au

  • Can we arrange pick-up from the Darra facility?

    Yes, pick-ups by a courier company or in person can be arranged, but this service is by appointment only. Please ensure you have prior approval before arranging for pick-up.

  • How much does freight cost?

    Freight cost is in addition to prices shown on web. We can arrange delivery to most business addresses in Australia. Unfortunately it is not possible to offer delivery to residential addresses. There is a freight calculator on the “Buy Now” page.

  • What is the warranty?

    All Bailey Hand Trucks come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on the frame, Slipper pallets, drum lifter, and ratchet strap.

    Wheels and tyres carry a three year warranty.

  • What’s new?

    The Square Frame Flat Bed Combo. – This trolley combines all the features and ease of operation of the patented pivoting axle and the convenience of a flatbed trolley in one package. This is a true 2 in 1 materials handling solution.

  • What is a QR code?

    This is a special code that we have on the labels of all BHT trolleys. Using an application available for most smart phones it allows the user to scan the QR code with their phone and gain access to the Bailey Hand Truck website.